Advantages from Choosing a Wooden Fence

What are you looking for in Dallas fence installation? Depending on what’s important to you, you might find that the advantages of a wooden fence really fit your fancy. Like any fence material, wood has it’s pros and cons. A wooden fence In Dallas, Texas may fit your situation  particularly well. Read on to find out more!

Affordable Pricing

One big advantage of wooden fencing is it’s affordability. Out of all of the mainstream fence materials, wood offers the best selection in a lower price range. Wood is an easy to find material that is simple to understand and manipulate. This means lower labor and material costs. Compare the installation complexity of a simple wooden fence to a wrought iron fence. The latter requires a much more complex installation procedure, and the material is pricey as well. Wood fences do require consistent maintenance, but repairs usually only require the simple replacement of a few individual planks.

Easy Installation

Wooden fences is Dallas are really easy to install. Wood fences are very often installed DIY, but the help of a professional can really bring out the best in your wood. Not many complications arise from Dallas wood fence installation, and those that do are a pretty simple fix. Ease of installation is the beauty of wooden fences.

Better Durability

If you take care of your wooden fence properly, it should last up to twenty years. Your fence could last even longer than that; It really depends on how much effort you put into fence upkeep. By using pressure-treated wood, your fence will be more resistant to insect rot and water damage. Staining your fence can also help to protect it from mold-growth and sun-fading. There are a lot of ways out there for you to keep your wooden fence in top shape. It takes some dedication, but the work is simple and worth the effort.

Looking Great!

Wooden fences just have a certain look and feel to them which make them such a beloved American fence material. The classic charm and feel of wood cannot be replicated exactly by any other fence material. If you want a white picket fence, you can get one in both wood and vinyl. In fact, many wood fence styles can be mimicked impressively by vinyl. However, if you want wood, you gotta get wood. It just looks like how a fence should be. Wood fences are very beautiful and add a lot of taste to a home’s exterior.


Privacy is one of the primary reasons why people get fences in the first place. It’s very important to know that what happens in the yard stays in the yard. Fortunately, wooden privacy fences are perfect for this application. These fences can be up to eight feet tall, and they give outsiders zero visibility to the on-goings within. If you’re not such a stickler you can also choose a semi-privacy fence with small openings in between the slats. There’s definitely a wood fence for you in Dallas, TX!

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