How to Choose the Best Fence Contractor in Dallas

Getting a new fence is no joke! In order to ensure that your fence is installed well, you’ll need a good and trustworthy fence contractor. That way you know that your monetary investment will be protected. You don’t have fences installed every single day. It’s an important and expensive decision that requires prudence when selecting the man to do the job. Take some time before installation starts – don’t be too eager to get things good and done. You may find yourself in a deep hole if you get tangled with a disreputable contractor. There are some ways that you can vet your next potential fence contractor – read on!

Before you sit down to interview the contractor in question, get a feel for what their company is about. Call the company phone. A professional representative should pick up with the company’s name. Most reputable fence companies have a specific person hired to do secretarial tasks. If that’s the case, it’s a good sign. When you do call, the greeting should not be generic. The response from the company should sound genuine, interested and invested. It should feel authentic. Also, any advertising from the company should tie back to a verified address. That’s a way to make sure that this company isn’t just going to pop up and flee the state in the night.

It doesn’t hurt to check the company’s credentials with the Better Business Bureau. This service is free and it’s very helpful for consumers who want to verify that the business they’re dealing with is real. Not every business is a brand we all recognize – sometimes things can be a little shady. This will help you to avoid getting scammed by fence companies in Dallas, Texas.

Now we’re going to go over some red flags that you need to watch out for when choosing a fence contractor. If you feel like the contractor is pushing into a decision, that’s a red flag. It’s your money and your fence. You have to live with it, and you should be able to take your sweet time deciding on all of the details. Don’t give in! There are many other fence contractors that are better qualified out there who want your business. Also, watch out for companies that insist on a full cash payment. Cash isn’t traceable, and that’s exactly what a phony contractor intending to flee would want. Some good fence companies in Dallas offer a cash discount, but don’t confuse this with a company that is insisting on all cash. This next one is a biggie. Any fence company that’s not willing to give you a written estimate is one you should definitely stay away from. 

Armed with these warnings and potential red flags, you’ll definitely be able to tell a phony fence contractor from one that deserves your business. It may be tempting to click on the first name that pops up from ‘fence company near me’ but be careful! If you don’t do your diligence, you could get scammed!

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