Will the Weather Affect My New Fence?

The Ways Weather Can Harm Your Fence.

There are many ways that the weather can ruin our day. If it messes up our hair or if it ruins our trip to see the fireworks. Weather can also greatly mess up your fence because it has no sort of covering. Therefore your fence is more liable to be ruined if not protected properly. Thankfully, you can learn about the different way to protect your fence against different types of weather! It may be a bit of work, but it will be worthy it when your fence still looks good as new years later. Fence Builders of Dallas is happy to supply you with the information!

The Attacks.

I believe that the most dangerous attack to fences is winter weather. As some weather affects certain fences and some weather doesn’t, winter weather attacks all of your fences. It can attack wood in a very bad way as wood is honestly not the best option for a fence as it is a lot of work to maintain and so any things can destroy it. Anyway, wood gets wet in the wintertime which promotes mold, mildew, rotting, and if you have paint, a ruined paint job. Winter weather affects iron fences because the snow gathers and melts around the joints which can rust and cause your iron fence to be as ineffective as a cold waffle iron with waffle mix in it… Um, you know that salt that gets sprinkled to clean up the snow? Yeah, that can cause corrosion to aluminum fences if it gets near it! Even the seemingly indestructible PVC fence gets affected in winter weather! The cold harsh temperatures change the durable plastic into an almost glass like state that will snap or warp if there is a sudden pressure or too much pressure!

Aside from winter weather, your basic rain can also affect your fences by doing much of the same thing that snow does. Rain will gather by the joints of iron fences and cause rusting. Rain will also corrode chain-link fences over time as well. Rain is bad for wood fences as it causes it to get wet and eventually just start to decompose! Rain does not have much of an effect on vinyl or aluminum, so that’s good right? The only thing sunlight can really do is cause your wood fences to fade and your iron fence to get a little hot! Wind is not really to big of an enemy as long as it isn’t super strong wind that has heavy debris crashing into your wood fence. Wood fences are jut… not the best.

Protect Your Fence From Danger!

Your fence has to deal with a lot in terms of weather and it is good to know just how you can protect them. A wood fence can be protected by giving it a staining and by making sure that knot holes are covered in putty and wet substances like leaves and snow do not stay on or around it for long. PVC can be protected in winter by cleaning off the snow gently and staying away from it if it is slippery on the ground because if you try to use it to hold you up from a fall, it will snap. All metal fences need is a good coat of rust resistant primer and they will be good to go!!

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