How to Clean your Vinyl Fence

Ways To Clean Your Vinyl Fence!

There are a few different ways that you can clean your vinyl fence. Some involve chemicals and some do not. If you have a vinyl fence, you already know about just how amazing it is compared to the other fences. I mean, vinyl is literally the least work you can get in a fence for an amazing price that you can only get at our Dallas Fence Company! Vinyl can be colored and is can be formed. You can have a picket fence that is the color of wood and made from vinyl; a vinyl wood picket fence! Vinyl is also more durable than wood. So your picket fence will not attract and bugs or rot anytime ever. Your vinyl also will not be affected too much by the different temperatures; however you will need to do a bit of care in the winter time.

No Chemicals.

Your Vinyl can be attacked by mold and we will go into how to clean that in a second. It important for you to know how to properly clean your vinyl fence in order for it to last the longest time!

One of the ways that you can clean a vinyl fence without using chemicals is by using water to clean it up. Plain water is great at just washing off a bit of mud, grass, or dirt. You should do this about one a week to keep your vinyl lasting and in good condition. If you find that you need a tougher job done, grab some soap and water, your favorite sponge or non-abrasive scrubber, and set to work. This, even if you do not have any deep stains, is recommended to do at least once every couple of weeks, once again to just make sure that your fence stays in top condition. A Mr. Clean Magic Erase sponge is also a great idea for cleaning up any grime that forms on your vinyl! Before you reach for the chemicals, give these solutions a try and make sure you really put some elbow grease in it; chemicals should be the last resort!


If you are finding that your vinyl is suffering from some tough spots that soap and water, Mr. clean, and regular water just are not getting out, maybe you should try some bleach. Bleach is a good option to try before reaching for the stronger chemicals! You should mix one part bleach with five parts water, put on some gloves, and scrub the fence with a non-abrasive scrubber! Try your best to really scrub it so you do not have to use anything stronger. If you can’t help it, then you can find some specialized cleaners online; there are some really good ones. It is always important to follow all safety precautions and resort to these sort of cleaners when there really is no other alternative, so please use and buy wisely. The last solution I will offer is Xylene which will most definitely get rid of any mold or rust. I do not suggest that you use this alone though, it is best to have a professional come and take care of it for you as it is very dangerous.

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